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You are only a few clicks away from a game, any time day or night and could be playing your first hand within the next 5 minutes! There are no strings attached, but be warned - it could be addictive!

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Why is this site free?

Free? - You MUST BE KIDDING! -Surely there is a catch? There is no catch and we are not kidding, it is free! Play for FREE as long as you like subject to a maximum of 96 boards a day, everyday - Plenty to get on our leaderboard!

Bridge4Free is a promotional site for our Premier Bridge Club, BridgeClubLive that uses the same style of software for both.

However, Bridge Club Live has a full ethics panel, a full range of competitions, barometers, and ladders, social events where members meet face to face - and much, much more...... We believe you will like it so much you will want to upgrade. Our 19 years of experience and maturity are your guarantee of a fast, fun and friendly way to play that suits you.


We offer a daily Tournament with a Barometer and Daily Ladder to see your results.

Each board has already been played at least 30 times by real players in our Premier Online Bridge Club on a previous date, giving you a true and realistic "instant score" at the end of each hand - an immediate and accurate indication of your ability!




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